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Residential Elevator

Professional Commercial & Residential Elevator Services

Gower Electric & Elevator Services LTD began nearly fifty years ago by the Gowers. In 2017, Melanie and Clint took the reins of the Dugald-based Gower Electric & Elevator – with Clint holding a Manitoba & Ontario license plus –

  • An Elevator Mechanics Ticket

  • A Construction Electrician Red Seal

  • A Commercial Electrical License

Gower Electric & Elevator Services offers these electrical services –

These are the many available elevator options offered by Gower Electric & Elevator Services, as follows –


  • Residential Elevators – a variety of premier custom-manufacturer elevators –

    • Legacy II Stairlift– 350 lb. weight limit, with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

    • Cambrian – customizable, with a one-touch operation.

    • Elmira – compact design and affordable with a back-up battery feature.

    • Heritage – a customizable elevator, with taller/larger cabs, with up to 1,500 lb. capacity

    • SHC Elevator – designed to offer a small footprint and runs on household power or battery back-up

    • Vertical Platform Lift Options - a smooth operating, aluminum constructed life with a 750 lb. capacity.

  • Commercial Elevators – including lifts designed to meet many commercial applications that include -

    • Limited-Use Limited-Application (LU/LA) commercial elevators

    • Vertical Platform Lift Option – a smooth operating, aluminum constructed life with a 750 lb. capacity.


For inquiries, please contact Gower Electric & Elevator by email or online with their contact form. Book a free appointment by phone at 1-204-512-3214.

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